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How to sign union books to get a lineman job

The term 'union book' is the method in which local unions manage their members and work prioritization. In order to sign up for a local union you must visit you local union and pay the local dues. Book One is for members of the local working in the geographic classification. These members get the top priority for work opportunities. Book two is for members of another local classification. To be allowed to sign Book 2, you need to have a paid dues receipt and a travel letter from your own local. Once you are dispatched to a job, you need to remove your name from the books at any other local you’ve signed at. Book three is for members working out of their classification, regardless of local. Technically, many local unions have a fourth book for anyone at all... but this is rarely used. Lineman are usually getting work from books one and two.

Do I need to join a union to get a union lineman job

Yes in order to work as a union lineman you must join a local union. Books are the system they use for ranking people available for work. You can call a dispatch office get your name on the books for the hall to be available to take a job. Some local union uses a computer system so you can bid on a lineman job from home not have to go to the hall everyday. Double booking is frowned upon in some local unions. The speed at which union jobs become open and the number of union lineman jobs greatly various across the country.

union lineman jobs

Where can I find union lineman jobs near me

Call the local you're interested in working in and ask how fast the books are moving for line work. Some are what we call walk throughs. That means there's open calls for work so you can go sign a book and immediately or near immediately start working out of that local. Or they might say the books are moving fast for linemen jobs, which means you might have to sign the book and wait a week or two but a job is on the way. It can vary from local to local exactly how they do this but most locals are more than happy to answer questions about how their particular take on it works. Lineman Central is the starting place to find a lineman job.

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