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How to start a powerline contracting company

Power line contractors are private businesses that serve clients to client's needs for power delivery, emergency restoration, and on-going maintenance. They are most often structured as limited liability companies. Prior to doing any legal or financial preparations we highly recommend researching the market and customer needs in your local region. There must be an unmet market opportunity: what power and utility providers are currently searching for help? After you set up an LLC you will need to create a bank account and receive an EIN. Additionally, you must follow the relevant state and federal guidelines on safety and health measures around high voltage lines.

What is a power line contracting company?

A power line contracting company is a business that employs linemen in order to provide overhead line construction, maintenance, often 24 hour emergency services. These businesses often receive contracts that are month to month or annual contracts. The payments are made as the services are performed on various construction and maintenance tasks over the country. Some of the most successful private power contractors are PLC, Mastec, and Hotline Construction.

power line contracting company

Where can I hire linemen for my contracting company?

One of the biggest gaps to starting a lineman contracting business is the access to the needed talent. One of the key reasons by many utilities and local governments contract with private firms is the hassle of posting lineman jobs and managing a work force. At Lineman Central you can connect with the most qualified lineman in your specific region. We recommend building a company profile and listing the opportunities you would like to fill. These job postings can be both journeyman lineman jobs and lineman apprenticeships.

Other Lineman Job Questions

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