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What jobs will prepare you for lineman work

An apprenticeship is the official starting point for a line worker career. However, prior to getting an apprenticeship it may be helpful if you can work as a tree trimmer, telecom technician or ground hand on an transmission or distribution crew. Recruiters for lineman jobs will want to see that you can legally work in the United States and pass a background check. Additionally they will ask if you have past experience in construction or electrical work as well as have the physical capabilities to carry heavy tools and equipment. One common question when applying for lineman jobs is do you have a CDL with no restrictions? This is highly recommended as a first step when getting experience for a lineman job.

What is the best preparation to get a lineman job?

Another common starting job for lineman is working as a tree trimmer. Tree trimmers gain experience working in similar bucket trucks removing tree branches, often around overhead power lines. Tree trimmers work to cut way dead or excess branches that may be hanging over buildings, streets or powerlines. Some experienced linemen have begun their careers in general electrical work. Electricians do not work on any overhead transmission lines or utility lines. While the foundational education is similar for the safety protocol there is a much different knowledge base needed. Both lineman and electricians share similar career starting points as OSHA certifications and a CDL is often the most common starting point.

experience needed for lineman jobs

What experience is needed to get a lineman job?

The first step to becoming a lineman is an apprenticeship. A line apprenticeship or power distribution apprenticeship is a long-term training program run by a professional organization. These professional organizations often include local utility districts or joint programs between a local community college and private electric or power company. Lineman Central is the starting point to get an apprenticeship. Getting a lineman apprenticeship is not easy. In order to make for a competitive lineman apprenticeship application, many lineman choose to first go to a ‘climb school’ or technical college for pre-apprenticeship training.

Other Lineman Job Questions

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