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Can women be power line workers

In our annual survey of line workers across the country only 5.6% of lineworkers in the US are female. Women can certainly be line workers. It takes both strong mental and physical strength to work in the energy sector. There are no specific gender requirements for line worker positions, however it is no secret that these positions are more commonly held by men. In 2021 we saw the largest increase of female employment in the line trades in our annual survey.

Lineworkers jobs for women in 2024

Many large publicly traded utilities have begun transitioning their job description titles from 'lineman' to lineworker to be more welcoming to female applicants. Duke Energy is prioritizing diversity and inclusion in their hiring practices. Edison international has begun a scholarship program to incentivize diversity in the lineworker field. At the end of the day, crews do not care gender. They care about getting a job done efficiently and safely. Other employers that have above average employment for female lineworkers include Liberty Utilities and Alliant Energy. At the 2021 Lineman Rodeo Susan Blaser was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

female lineman jobs

Lineman jobs for women near me

In order to start a line training program and apprenticeship the requirements have nothing to do with gender. You will need a high school diploma or GED and must be at least 18 years of age by enrollment date. Training programs such as Southeast Lineman Training Center have begun showcase every of their female graduates. We recommend subscribing to Lineman Central to get job alerts from employers that hiring line workers.

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