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How to get an entry level lineman job

In order to get on a line crew you will need a CDL. There are the occasional entry level positions that may not require one but this is becoming more rare. You would likely also need to go to line school. Apprenticeships are competitive in certain markets. Check out top lineman training program on Lineman Central. When you get out of line school or you get a job at a co-op or utility "Be the gruntiest grunt you can be". What that means is commit to having a attitude of servitude. On both your resume and in your interview make sure the general foreman understands that no work is beneath you and you take safety incredibly serious.

Entry level lineman jobs are in high demand in 2024

When you get on the site immediately ask the foreman or the lineman what you can do to help. One of the most important aspects of getting an entry level lineman job near you is serving the team. If the linemen want ice water on the truck, fill it up. Entry level lineman are expected to check the materials on the truck before going out to a site. There is nothing worse for a lineman than getting geared up only to realize a tool, connector or sleeve is missing.

entry level lineman jobs

Entry level lineman jobs near me

Lineman Central is currently displaying several entry level lineman jobs near you. Entry level lineman jobs are an opportunity to get your footing in the industry. One of the most important objectives of your entry level lineman job should be to learn the material. Getting experience and ultimately a pay raise will require that you do such.

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