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What is a linemans jobs

Power lineman, also known as utility lineman or Power Distribution lineman, work to set up as well as maintain the power lines that direct electricity to homes and businesses. The typical work day for a lineman typically falls into two buckets: maintenance or installation. According the Energy Information Administration the U.S. power grid is made up of nearly 160,000 miles of high-voltage power lines, and millions of miles of low-voltage power lines and distribution transformers. Lineman climb poles or navigate up the line using a bucket truck and work with their hands on the line.

What work do lineman do

Power line maintenance work occurs year-round and often in remote areas, during bad weather or natural disasters, to repair and restore power in emergencies. It is very common for repair and maintenance operations are performed without cutting off the power which is usually high voltage. Lineman often must do insulator repair as well as the replacement of old, worn out lines. Sometimes the need for repair can be caused from general wear while others may be due to vandalism or even lightning. A power line or transmission line insulator is the mounting piece that holds the line in the air but also prevent the current from continuing to the ground. These often need to be replaced.

Lineman working on the job

What are examples of lineman jobs

One example of line work is hot glove work. With this method the lineman is protected by insulating gloves and performs the operation in direct contact with the live parts in the current. Another type of line work is hot stick work. This method works under the principle that a minimum safe distance or space must be maintained between the worker and the live electric line to prevent the occurrence of electrical arcs.

Other Lineman Job Questions

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