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Can lineman make over $90k

Yes lineman can make over $90k a year. In order for a lineman to make over $90k a year the average hourly rate would be just over $43 dollars. This is very doable for many of the lineman that are willing to travel and work overtime. Lineman in the gulf coast and on storm repair rosters understand that these lineman jobs are mentally and physically demand. There is a serious sacrifice for making higher pay.

What types of lineman make over $90k

Some of the lineman jobs that pay over $45/hr are often private contractors responding to storm work. Many pay scales across the country for journeyman lineman also meet this threshold. In order to meet these lineman job requirements you should have a Journeyman Lineman certification, must possess formal hot stick training and experience, must possess or be able to obtain, a Class A Commercial Driver's License and you will most likely be required to pass a post-offer pre-placement physical capacity screening, conducted by a licensed physical therapist, to assure the candidate meets the physical demands of the job.

lineman making alot of money

Where can I find a high paying lineman job?

Some of the highest paid lineman in the country have found their work through Lineman Central. These lineman have diverse skill sets but fundamentally prioritize safety above all. They work on wood, steel poles and towers up to 200 feet and use live line tools on 12kV-500kV. They work they do is performed from structure or aerial lift trucks.

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