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Lineman jobs for cell phone companies

Companies like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint will often recruit for line technicians or lineman to work on their fiber or telecom lines. It is important to differentiate that these are not traditional line jobs as they are not working on transmission or distribution power lines. Lineman that work for cell companies must be able to perform both aerial and underground fiber installation work and splice fiber. When taking a job for a company like AT&T you will be tasks to do work such as place aerial and underground copper and fiber cable, perform various jobs with copper splicing and assist in fiber splicing, perform construction work such as digging holes, placing cable, air pipe and inner duct in various types of conduit systems and open excavations and work with heavy duty power equipment and small tools in the installation, repair and maintenance of outside plant facilities.

Do cell companies have lineman jobs

Line technicians for cell companies on average make around $35 an hour. The demand for line workers from cell companies is expected to increase. AT&T plans to double their number of homes that fiber is delivered to by 2025. There are about 53 million households in AT&T's 21-state home-Internet service area, leaving over 20 million where AT&T has no plans to upgrade from old copper lines to fiber. Smaller ISPs are also looking to expand their work force. While DSL and cable utilize existing phone and TV infrastructure to transmit data as frequency “vibrations” over copper wires, fiber networks transmit data using light over specialized cables packed with glass fibers.

Lineman jobs for cell companies

Where to find lineman jobs for cell phone companies

Line technician jobs for large or small cell companies are often not called lineman position. Similar position may be called fiber service technician or line operators. This is due to the fact that as a line worker for a cell company you are not working on the electrical grid, rather working to install or repair fiber cables or cell tower equipment. Lineman Central is the best starting point to find the right lineman job near you.

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