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Am I being paid enough as a lineman

You may be currently under paid for the line work you are doing. The quickest way to check comparable pay for look at lineman job postings in your area. Lineman pay is usually done through a pay scale. A pay scale or wage table displays the hourly rate of a certain level of experience. For example a groundman may be paid $30/hr while the general foreman may be paid $70/hr.

How do wage rates work for lineman?

Wage rates, also known as pay scales, help unions and line contractors set frameworks for how much to pay their linemen. They are arrange as an increasing table that displays an hourly rate (typically ranging from $10-80) with the corresponding lineman experience level (ranging from ground hand to foreman).

pay check for lineman

How can I get paid more as a lineman?

There are a couple ways to increase your hourly wage as a lineman. The most obvious one is continue to log your on-the-job training hours and get more experience. There is an signficant pay jump from being an apprentice to becoming a journeyman lineman. There is also opportunities for lineman to get paid more if they are willing to join a storm roster or "storm chase". These are physically and emotionally taxing roles but have very high pay as it includes alot of over time and project bonus work.

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