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What does a lineman ground hand do

A ground hand contributes to a crew by assisting in new construction and various tasks such as demolition, site preparation, excavating, backfilling, and landscaping, trenching, pole setting, cable labeling, and other substation related tasks such as construction clean-up. Common job requirements of a ground hand include being accustomed to construction equipment and vehicles, computer Skills for learning and compliance training, knowledge of hand and power tools and the safety of their use, and understanding how to work with ropes/knots and how to use them. It is also a bonus if you have an understanding of DOT regulations.

How to get a lineman groundhand job in 2024

Common employers searching for ground hands on Lineman Central include SRP, Kiewit, and Entergy. In an interview for a groundman position you should be able to articulate that you can assist linemen to gain poles, frame cross-arms, assemble and splice wire. If you have any past work experience diggong holes for poles and anchors as well as driving ground rods and pulls wires to tension that will be relevant for these interviews.

Groundhand jobs

What is the job of a lineman groundhand

A Groundman (often also referred to as pre-apprentice lineman) will often be required to apply or to bid on all Apprentice Lineman positions within a local union territory. In this position you will perform physical labor duties necessary to assist journey level workers and others in installing, maintaining, repairing and/or operating company facilities and equipment. You will do clean-up work, remove debris, load and/or unload materials, store items, dig, shovel, grounds maintenance, fuel vehicles, clean and/or paint equipment and perform minor repairs using various hand held tools. You may drive a company vehicle in transporting personnel and equipment to and from the work site or run errands as assigned. For some ground hand positions you must have received a passing score of 5 or higher on the NJATC examination.

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